If you are coming to Santa Fe for a little more adventure than shopping or museum tours and want a taste of the great outdoors Southwest style here are some suggestions.

Llama Trekking in Taos

El Paseo Llama Trekking in Taos is run by a very nice man named Andrew who came on a trip visiting Taos, fell in love with the area, and decided to move. He needed to create a business for himself in this small town that would make a decent living and so he began El Paseo Llama Expeditions.

Llama trekking is hiking and/or camping in the wilderness with a furry four legged buddy to carry your gear & your kids, alert you to the presence of wild life, eat from your hand and keep you company. So while this agreeable and reliable llama creature walks along behind you, your attention can be focused on the scenery, vistas, flowers, the wonder and the excitement of nature at its unspoiled best.

Llama trekking with El Paseo Llama Expeditions adds to your enjoyment of llama trekking because they offer custom hiking treks and pack trips.

Custom treks means they suit your schedule and the groups are small. If you have small kids, they’ve got llamas trained to carry them. Gourmet foods are served to keep your energy level up.

Knowledgeable guides with vast experience in the mountains will show you the flora and fauna and explain the local ecology and the geological features. Pristine hidden trails and meadows that very few people get to see await you.

A unique adventure in a beautiful unspoiled part of the southwest- Taos New Mexico. Taos (Taos is s about an hour and a half north of Santa Fe and a lovely drive in itself.)

Rafting, Kayaking, and Canoeing

Although there are times in Nature’s cycle where less water is in the riverbeds for rafting there is always a time and location where it can be done. Rio Chama, Rio Grande, Pecos and Canadian Rivers all offer something for you water adventurers. Known World Guides is where the worry is taken out and the best areas and safety are part of their plan for you. They offer “the best food you’ve have on any adventure”. They also state “Travel with us and you will be traveling with experienced, fun guides that are not only great cooks but also really know each river's history, geography, and unique plant and animal life’.

You can choose from their short single-day excursions, multiday adventures, or customize your own trip!

Seeing the great outdoors in a high adventure boat in New Mexico. Who could ask for more!

Fly Fishing

Known World offers a variety of fly fishing trips on many of Northern New Mexico's best trout waters. Whether it be a day of fishing on the Rio Grande or Pecos Rivers or a week of fishing in the high country, Known World can handle it all.

The fishing operation thrives to stay away from the crowds, this way they can offer personalized service and find the perfect hole where the big fish are! All trips come with a hearty/healthy lunch.

The guide takes you out and helps you if you need it. Transportation and o equipment are available, and the maximum allowed in a group is 4 .

Try out the true Zen of fishing in some of the best waters in the world.

Mountain Biking

If you are looking for Mountain bike Action for multiple days or even a scenic single day ride, the Known World Guides are the professionals you want to be with. At Known World Guides they spend countless hours in the field putting together the exceptional adventures they specialize in. Our mountain bike rides are on some of the best trails in the state.

Quality Bikes and Gear

You are outfitted with Kona mountain bikes with front suspension, Bell helmets, vehicle support, and professional guides who spend most of their time in the saddle. They give instruction on mountain biking and can give our fitness enthusiasts a ride they won't soon forget.

Mountain Biking at a higher altitude- Are you up for the challenge?

I hope you try one or two adventures on your visit to the Santa Fe area. I promise it will be a memorable scenic experience you get in this unique area called the "Dancing Ground of the Sun".

Eileen Richardson - from The Santa Fe Site


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